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The company was established in 1963 by Emmanuel Loudaros, under the name ASTROSTROM with main objective the manufacturing of mattresses.
In the middle of the seventies the company was renamed SYRMATOTECHNIKI and begun to produce and dispose at the market spring mattresses units.
The production and sales of spring mattresses units was soon developed as the company's main business.

In the last years, the variety of SYRMATOTECHNIKI'S disposable products was enriched with all kind of materials used for the manufacturing of mattresses, as well as tapestry materials.

In a privately owned extend of an acre with contemporary and powerful mechanical equipment which renovates according to the market's evolution, SYRMATOTECHNIKI holds with ease the position of the most powerful industry in her sector, ensuring products quality by maintaining certified Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2000.

SYRMATOTECHNIKI'S trained personnel assures the faultless construction and the quality of the products, while experienced technicians with frequent, careful examinations guarantee the proper mechanical functioning and provide technical support to anyone who needs it.

Able to cover the needs through all of Greece, SYRMATOTECHNIKI responds not only to the demands of Athens but also to those of the province and supplies some of the most important mattress manufactures in the country.
Respectful to the environment SYRMATOTECHNIKI makes sure that all of her products are 100% recycling.

Nowadays, for every mattress manufacturer the most reliable and evolved solution is SYRMATOTECHNIKI.